VR allows for high-impact learning experiences and as this new age of affordable VR tech presents itself, the opportunities for improving education abound. Educators are well aware of the positive impact out of classroom experiences have on learning. From K-12 classrooms, to college internships, to undergrad research and studying abroad, high-impact experiences provide increased learning […]

Success factors for 2017: Skills, Services and IoT

Bridging the skills gap and boosting services will be top priorities for manufacturers over the coming year. Antony Bourne, IFS global industry director for manufacturing, outlines his three key predictions for 2017 and beyond. Read the entire article from The Manufacturer by clicking here. 

How Employers And Policymakers Can Improve Job Opportunities For Young People

Paul Harrington (Professor at Drexel University)  was featured in the article  “How Employers and Policymakers Can Improve Job Opportunities for Young People” which ran on last week. The article covers teen employment (only about 26% of teens and young adults are employed) and how policymakers are working to solve the teen employment problem. To see […]

KY hopeful grant will help close tech skills gap, create jobs

Kentucky is among 10 states that JP Morgan Chase has awarded $2 million New Skills for Youth grant, designed to help close what Gov. Matt Bevin considers a “tech skills gap” by aligning high school training to make seniors either job-ready or college-career ready when they’ve earned their diplomas. Click here to read more about the New […]

The top in-demand workforce skills for 2017

What are the top in-demand workforce skills for the coming year? Analysts with the most well-known learning and recruitment platforms have been focusing on the key skill sets that make candidates successful. Udemy for Business, which is the online marketplace for team virtual learning, released their Learning Index Report, which highlighted the emerging skills and […]